About Plan Manager

Plan Manager is a module of Security Center that provides interactive mapping functionality to better
visualize your security environment.
Greatly enhancing situational awareness and security management, Plan Manager allows you to
dynamically navigate throughout facilities and intuitively manage your cameras, doors, intrusion
devices, and other security systems.
With Plan Manager, you can:
• Gain situational awareness by monitoring your security equipment (cameras, doors, zones, intrusion
panels, input pins, LPR cameras), managed by Security Center, on a map.
• Receive real-time notifications of alarms and events on maps.
• Represent both local and federated entities on maps.
• Quickly locate devices on maps, as a way to find out what other devices are in their proximity.
• Mark and locate points of interest (fire exits, first aid kits, and so on) on maps.
• View live and playback video and control cameras directly on maps.
• Monitor door status (open, closed, locked, unlocked) directly on maps.
• View license plate reads and hits from fixed LPR cameras.
• Monitor the state of input pins (active, inactive) directly on maps.
• Control PTZ cameras by dragging the cameras’ field of view (FOV) on maps.
• Point all PTZ cameras to the same location on a map with a simple click.
• Lock and unlock doors, shunt readers, directly on maps.
• Arm and disarm zones directly on maps.
• Arm and disarm intrusion detection areas directly on maps.
• Control the behavior of output relays directly on maps.
• Run macros directly on maps.
• Monitor and respond to alarms directly from the maps.
• Move around and zoom in and out on maps.
• Easily navigate through different maps.
• Span a single map over multiple monitors.